Arctic Water Resources Vulnerability Index (AWRVI) web application

People in the Arctic and sub-Arctic continue to face uncertainty in their livelihoods as they contend with environmental variability and changes operating at multiple scales. The Arctic Water Resources Vulnerability Index (AWRVI) is a tool for Arctic communities to assess their  susceptibility to changing biophysical and socioeconomic conditions affecting their water resources. The application of AWRVI is assessed for seven communities in Northwest Alaska and Southcentral Alaska, and five communities on Chukotka Peninsula in the Russian Far East. ​ 

As a result of these findings, a modified set of AWRVI indicators and parameters are proposed that expand the applicability of the tool to broader biophysical and cultural settings, as well as the use of broader datasets. The modified AWRVI (Version 2.0) provides an operational example of a adaptive capacity index (ACI). 

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AWRVI web application

With support from Alaska Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)